Monday, 27 February 2012


Hi guys, welcome to Orygyn!

So I have a YouTube channel and a HubPages blog, why post here as well? It's very simple. HubPages has its own community. I joined because my fellow YouTuber, InModiasWeTrust, also had a HubPages blog and it seemed a good alternative to the video format. However, there was a pressure that I don't have here. It seemed weird to me to talk about YouTube in the confines of an unrelated community. Here there is no such situation. This is my domain, I can write about whatever I feel like without feeling like it needs to fit in some context. I might still write there but this seems better to me. I should've done this to begin with.

Let me outline my current situation. The last video I uploaded was now 3 days ago. Over the last few months, I've not uploaded much and I still can't really go into the reasons why. All I can say is that any attempt to remedy the situation has so far been hopeless. I can't make videos on a regular basis but I can post here. Whenever I would normally make a video, I will post here. This will serve as a direct substitute to my YouTube channel until I can sort out my situation. It's not the same as watching a video, but in many ways I'll find this to be better because first of all, I write better than I talk. Ever wondered why all the jump cuts? Yup. Secondly, I won't feel rushed. I can stop writing at any time and come back to it, whereas making a video, I'd have to fit whatever I could into whatever time I had.

Based on the response to my HubPages blogs, even the ones I linked to in videos, I can't expect there to be a great turnout here. Nonetheless, time will tell.


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