Saturday, 17 October 2015

Two Fronts

Hi guys, welcome to Orygyn!

I said, WELCOME TO ORYGYN! Hello? Is anyone there? Oh I see. I get it. You couldn't wait 2 measly years for the next post so you left me.Typical 8<{D-

Where have I been? Nowhere. I've been here all along. I'm like that. One day, I'm interested in making videos. Next, I'm interested in watching TV for hours. That time frame is very flexible, but once it's up, you couldn't pay me to keep doing it. It's annoying. It leads to a lot of unfinished work. But there you go.

I have this blog. If I post here, I'm sending a signal to myself that if I don't think I can make a video about something, if it warrants a shorter but more considered response than to film a 9-minute video in one stretch and hope what I say is clear, I will say it here. That's the idea. I hope I can pull it off.


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