Monday, 16 September 2013

Egos vs Skepticism

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In arguments, you win when you win, and you lose when you win. You win when you win because your argument remains the strongest. You win when you lose, because your inferior argument has been destroyed, and you've just been given a stronger one. However, if your ego tells you that you must be smarter than your opponent, losing isn't an option, because they were able to think up an argument you couldn't (maybe because they were smarter)? Regardless of the validity of that statement, it will play on your mind. Cutting your losses (bad arguments) is like admitting that you're not the smartest, except it's not. Focus on the most meaningful aspect of intelligence: what you can achieve. You will then be smarter with each tossed-aside dud instead of clinging for dear life to a flawed argument, impractical concept of intelligence, and harmful ego. You may not have the best argument at the moment, but all that means is that you're not perfect. What you are, is learning.


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