Monday, 13 August 2012

Where Am I?

Hi guys, welcome to Orygyn!

I suck at this. Yeh, it's not a very deep piece of insight but it's true. It's been well over a month since I posted here. Most of that is my fault: I lack the motivation and I lack any incentive due to the fact that no-one reads this. In my defence, however, there also hasn't been much worth talking about, as everyone has been wrapped up in various dramas. You can surely forgive my apathy when the biggest talking point is how thunderf00t obtained FreeThoughtBlogs' mailing list after he was kicked off for incessant troll-like behaviour (not as some including himself have suggested for simply disagreeing with PZ Myers) all because TF and PZ disagreed on whether there should be a harassment policy at conferences. It's like being a kid at a nursery and phoning the police because another kid stole your toy and won't give it back. Overreaction is an art form in the husk of what was once the YouTube Atheist community and, if it were an Olympic sport, TF takes the gold. Well, at least I've had stuff to laugh at.

This'll have to be it. Maybe I'll come back with something better when all this drama has moved on.


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